Club rules


1. This club shall be called Kintbury Fishing Club, and shall consist of a limited number of members of residing within 5 miles of Kintbury Church. All new members residing outside the 5 mile radius of Kintbury Church as of from 16th June 2008 will be known as Associate members and shall be entitled to the same privileges as the full members with the exception that they have no voting powers on any association business. Members aged 16 or below on 1st June will have the same rights as an Associate member.

2. The Association shall be managed by a committee consisting of Chairman,Vice Chairman,Secretary, Treasurer and 4 members who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (five to form a quorum). A tie shall be decided by the casting vote of the Chairman.

3. The Committee shall hold their meeting when necessary. Any member neglecting to attend three meetings in succession after receiving due notice shall cease to be a member, unless a satisfactory explanation of absence is given to the Committee. All members and candid names must be submitted annually to the Committee for election as members of the Association. The Committee has the absolute right to refuse any person from being a member of the Association and their decision is final.

4. The Annual subscription shall be £20-00 for 2013/14.
Junior members subscription will be free up to 16 year old, (before June 1st)
Members over 65 years old and disabled members, subscription will be £10-00.
Day tickets available at £4-00 per day.

5. Members must carry their membership cards with them at all times when using club waters. They must also produce them at the request of any club member.

6. The Committee shall have the power to suspend or expel any member for violation of the rules after giving them due notice of the time and place of the meeting for investigating the complaint.

7. No person shall use trimmers, Night-lines, Bank runners, Gorge Bait, Trolling or other illegal tackle, including gaffs and illegal snap tackle or use more than two rods at the same time.

8. Trout fishing to commence on April 1st and end on September 30th. Pike fishing allowed all year on canal only.

9. No live baiting is permitted on any of the club waters at any time.

10. No fish to be removed from the canal for use as dead bait (see also rule 14)

11. Fishing allowed from the Towpath on canal only.

12. Dundas stream only available to be fished June 16th to March 14th.

13. All paid up members, senior or junior are eligible for competitions and prizes.

14. Members and visitors must return all fish to the water with all possible care.

15. All specimen fish to be weighed in on the bank, if not in a match the fish must be weighed in by a committee member. All fish should be not under any of the following weights: Tench 2lbs,Dace 8oz, Pike 7lbs,
Chub 3lbs 12oz, Perch 2lbs, Bream 3lbs, Roach 12oz, Grayling 12oz.

16. Annual trophy winners to return the trophy in a clean and good condition by March 1st or when called upon to do so by the Committee.

17. A Special meeting may be convened at any time upon fourteen days notice in writing, signed by not less than four members and the Chairman, being given to the secretary. Such notice to state the reason for which the meeting is to be called.

18. Any member moving beyond the radius may retain his membership by continuing to pay his subscription.

19. All soft mesh keepnets to be secured at both ends during summer months April 1st to October 31st during daylight hours on the canal.

20. Cups can only be kept by full members.

21. In the event of the dissolution of the the club all funds and assets of the club shall be donated to the Angling Trust or other charitable body.

22. Blood worm and joker are allowed on club waters. Except for the Ron Benjamin Open.

23. No pole to be passed beyond Tow-path into garden by cottage.

24. Night fishing will be allowed for adult members only.

25. No bait tins or glass bottles are allowed on club waters.

26. Neither the Kintbury Fishing Club or any riparian owner except any liability for loss or damage to any motor vehicle or personal belongings whilst visiting club waters.

27. No alterations in the above rules shall be made except at a AGM. Notice of any proposed alterations shall be given to the secretary in writing fourteen days prior to the AGM.