When fishing at kintbury

Please remember to:

  1. Clear up any litter before you leave – even if it isn’t yours.
  2. Unhook your fish as quickly and carefully as possible.
  3. Beware of birds swimming into your line or picking up baits.
  4. Respect other waterway and towpath users
  5. Keep your peg area tidy and make sure the towpath is as clear as possible
  6. Secure keepnets at both ends during months June 16th to October 1st

Please remember do not:

  1. Drop litter or discard tackle. Remember that discarded nylon is particularly hazardous to wildlife.
  2. Pull out plants at waters edge or damage foliage around you.
  3. Leave rods/poles unattended while fishing. This may result in lost tackle or become a danger to wildlife.
  4. Keep fish out of the water for longer than possible.
  5. Have bait tins or glass bottles on club waters, as they are not allowed.
  6. Pass or put your pole through the hedge by the cottage. (Rule 24)

Please follow these guidelines and by doing this we can all enjoy our surrounding and fishing that little bit more.