History of Kintbury Fishing Club

The Club was started in 1957 for residents of Kintbury & Inkpen and non resident members where only allowed at the discretion of the committee. Headquarters for the club were The Prince of Wales Feathers and The Dundas Arms.


I’m afraid there are no minutes from these first years but we can at least give some of the founder members their credit for starting the club:

Mr. M J. E. Longfield O.B.E. (President of the club)

Mr. R.R. Wallis ( Vice President)

Mr. R. Walker (Chairman)

Mr. B. Culley

Mr. A. Preston

Mr. T. Thorn

Mr. Poole

Mr. D. Bailey


There was also the “Walker” cup that was fished for when the club first started that was given to the club by Mr. R. Walker (Landlord of the Price of Wales) for the Angler who was most successful throughout the season.


One of the founder members Mr Tom Thorn has recently given us his 1958-59 permit and members handbook, complete with the then club rules, which are as follows:



1. That this club be called “The Kintbury Fishing Club” and shall be limited to residents of Kintbury and Inkpen Parishes, and non resident members at the discretion of the Committee.


2. That the club be governed by a committee consisting of President, Chairman, Hon., Secretary, Hon., Treasurer,and 3 members (five to form a quorum) who shall be elected individually and not en bloc at the Annual General Meeting, to be held at the discretion of the Hon., Secretary prior to May 1st, in each year. An Honorary auditor, who shall not be a member of the club, shall be nominated by the committee.


3. The committee shall hold their meetings at Headquarters when necessary, the Hon., Secretary to give due notice in writing of such meetings. Any member of the committee neglecting to attend three consecutive meetings unless prevented from attending by illness or prior engagement of which the Hon., Secretary shall be notified, shall cease to be a member of the committee. The Committee shall have power to co-opt a member to fill a casual vacancy on the committee. All Minutes shall be duly recorded and signed by the Chairman.


4. The Annual Subscription shall be 5/- for adult members, 2/6 juniors (under 16) The Annual Subscription for Non Resident members shall be 10/-for the season, or 2/- daily. Juniors under 16 half these rates. Non Resident membership shall carry no voting or administrative powers in the affairs of the club. No person shall be deemed a member of the club or be entitled to vote at any meeting, or become a member of the Committee or exercise any of the privileges according to members until his subscription for the current year be paid.
(all the above costs/money is in the Pre-decimalisation period.)


5. Any member acting in violation of the rules or whose conduct shall, in the opinion of a majority of the committee present at a meeting duly convened, be considered detrimental to the club, shall be liable to suspension for the remainder of the season ans shall, in any event, appear before the committee after due notice, and shall abide by their decision.


6. Any member expelled by the committee for breach of the rules shall cease to be a member of the club until such time as the committee may think fit to reinstate him.


7. No member shall fish otherwise than with rod and line, and no member shall use more than two rods at one time. Only one rod shall be used for pike fishing.


8. No member shall use trimmers, night lines, bank runners or any other illegal engines for the taking of fish. Landing nets and gaffs should be used only for the purpose of landing fish when hooked with rod and line.


9. Gorge tackle is prohibited, and all members must return to the water, dead or alive, all fish under the prescribed size limits. For the maintenance of good sport this rule will be rigidly enforced, and members are requested to report to the Secretary any breach hereof.


10. No fish may be retained under the following sizes:-


Gudgeon 4 inches. Dace 6 inches. Roach and Rudd 7 inches. Perch 8 inches. Tench, Carp,Chub, Bream and Grayling 10 inches.
Trout 12 inches. Pike 20 inches.


Grayling, Roach, Dace, Gudgeon, Perch and Rudd may be retained as live bait only under these limits.


11. One months notice in writing signed by not less than fifteen members shall be given to the Hon., Secretary of any proposed amendment of these rules, requiring him to convene a special General Meeting for such purpose. A Majority of two-thirds of the club members must approve any such amendment.


12. The Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act of 192 provides that the close season for course fish shall be from March 15th to June 15th (both days inclusive). Coarse fishing between these therefore illegal, as also is the disturbing of spawn beds and spawning fish. Members are requested to report and person or persons disregarding the act, that they may be dealt as the Directs.


13. No fly fishing for trout is permitted.


14. Pike may be fished for from September 1st to March 15th in any of the club’s water.


15. Any member of the committee is authorised to examine the bag of anyone fishing. Members and non resident members must produce their fishing Tickets to any member of the Committee on demand.


16. No member while fishing shall be accompanied by a dog or carry any gun or explosive material.